Security and Fraud Prevention Using Biometrics

November 6, 2019

Dima Cichi, Nuance

Dima Cichi

Senior Product Manager, Authentication and Fraud Prevention

1:00 PM  -  1:45 PM
Compass Rose North/East

As enterprises have transitioned to becoming more digital, efforts on fighting fraud have followed suit, leaving the voice channel especially vulnerable – call center fraud is growing by 10% every year. 60% of enterprises today are falling victim to social engineering where individuals impersonate legitimate customers to convince agents to change information that then enables fraudulent activities. As fraud continues to be a challenge across both digital and traditional channels, it is critical that the tools used to authenticate consumers upon first contact are effective and accurate – no matter which entry point they choose to engage.
Dima Cichi of Nuance’s biometrics team will shed light on how today’s advanced technologies across voice and other means of authentication can combat fraud and data breaches in the call center and beyond.

Session Category :  Advanced