Letting Your Data Lead – Using AI Search Suggestions

November 6, 2019

Conrad Liburd Headshot

Conrad Liburd

Feature Engineer

Jamie Brandon Headshot

Jamie Brandon

Data Scientist

Kirsten Stallings Headshot

Kirsten Stallings

Data Scientist

1:00 PM  -  1:45 PM
Hemisphere Dancer

When it comes to customer interactions, expectations for what should be there can cloud our insight into what customers and agents are actually saying. Learn how CallMiner is leveraging machine learning to offer domain-driven search suggestions. This new “semantic search” makes content creation more robust, even on the unstructured conversations of calls. Uncover language patterns that support discovery in your CX, QA, or ad-hoc initiatives. Don’t get “fresh traded” by prescribing how your customers say “frustrated” – let the data show you.

Session Category :  Expert